What To Do?

I don’t know every one goes through such situation or not. But It’s about a last chance given by a girl(Annu) to a boy(Prabhakar). Both used to be best friend. Both of them love each other. But Annu have to go as she were leaving the place for doing Architecture and he would be a distraction of her drems, so she decided to break Prabhakar’s heart. Because she wanted to move Prabhakar ahead in his life. It was a difficult dicision for her. Annu left but Prabhakar tried harder and harder he found Annu after 1 year 7 months and 16 days. She wanted to escape but she stucked in his eyes. Both of them had  tiers in their eyes but Prabhakar had a endless smile as well. Then he conveyed his feelings towards her….

Oo girl, No one is like you

You are the Angel on this planet

I told you the sentences 

That I started and end with that

And yes every words were about you

So oo Girl, now tell me what to do

You stuck in my head

How can I forget

You’re in every talk of mine

How can I ignore that sight 

Will I live or die for you

Will I wait, Because I’ll never done with you

So oo Girl, now tell me what to do

I just want to live for you

Want to die for you

You’re my wish and

In every wish of mine

So oo Girl, now tell me what to do

On every crossing of the road

On every pedestrian and street of the city

There is the only hope arises 

That you’ll meet me and never leave me again

I’ll always looking for you

So oo Girl, now tell me what to do.

He said if there will be a no then he will never come back. As she love him but she also wanted to fullfill her dream of become a Architecture. With tears in her eyes she said no to him again. And they leave each other forever with the path of different destination. 


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    1. Somehow. In it I made him a brave boy as he is searching for her. In my case I was too young to do so. Haha My first crush. Actually she went out of Delhi for further studies and Architecture is her dream profesion.


    1. Well, I don’t recognize me as a writter. Thank you! For calling me a writter. And yes, that was the time when I started listening music and understanding lyrics too. And started my feelings into my secret diary. My diary is very special for me.

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      1. Haha Well, she isn’t died but I’ve not contacted her since 9th standard and now I’m 21 years old. My family have shifted that place. I said she was my first crush and I’ve better memories with second. But thank you and yes the memories in which we lived the events of life we experienced helps us to create new stuffs. Those feelings remains with us for life time. And thank you miss for asking me these things. Haha now you know the most secrets things of mine that I even not told to my parents. Thank you so much.😀😊

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  1. Hey there. Your writings are quite good and I liked most of them. Keep writing. Well just to let you know you can use the word the left instead of leaved because I do not think such a word exists.Anyways good job!

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