The Blue Sky Tag Award

I started blogging in the March with the thought that I would get feedback from those who are in the same pedestrian of mine. I leaved wordpress due to preparation of third year graduation exams. But I joined it again after exams. I’m still a kid in writing and I want to grow. I appreciate them who is giving me suggestions, leave  comments, like my posts it encourages me to write. As it’s my passion. It’ll be with me till the eternity. Thanks to kshitija who nominated me for this award. She is great in her work. She writes amazing poems and posts. Please do visit her blogg. 

Rules to participate:

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer their 10 questions
3. Nominate (tag) 10 people.   
4. Give them 10 questions to answer

Here is the answers of  kshitija‘s questions:

1. Why you started blogging and your recent stats and how long have you been on wp?

Answer: Well, the person who see the world with a different vantage point and convey their feelings they feel with that vantage point by the help of words is a writer. So, there is a seed of the same that wants to grow in me as it’s my passion. So, I started blogging on wordpress. My recent stats is poor but it’ll be good. I started up from March.

2. How you choose people before following like if you go through there profile take a time to read there write up? 

Answer: I like and follow the bloggers who writes about life, love, travelling and yes the photographers.

3. Yours free pass time?

Answer: I would like listening to music or reading novels and mythology.

4. List your dreams on priorty basis.

Answer: I have a huge list of my dreams. These are the dreams, I’m working for and living for- 1) To start my own business before reaching 25. 2) To buy a huge house and gift it to my parents (As I hate flats). 3) To explore best food destinations around the world. 4) To start a free library for all age groups.

5. Why do you follow me? And which post you liked most?

Answer: Well, because I found your posts amazing as you write about life and love. Recently you shared a short recepie too. I’ve liked all of your posts but these are my favorites “Life with passengers” , “Missing you“, and “Rain“. But I loved the most is “Life with passengers“.

6. Your inspirational quotes.

Answer: “The time is either good or bad it don’t stay”.

7. Most secret confession you like to tell to your followers.

Answer: When I was in 11th standard I had scored very poor marks. So, I never show my report card to my parents. I used to procrastinate them by saying it’s still in progress, my teacher is too lazy to make report card. By the time they forget about report card. They still don’t know about it.

8. I want you to write an article on “me”  in few lines.

Answer: Well, what I understand about you is, you are a open and pure hearted girl. You can’t hurt someone. And you will be a sweet and romantic wife of a lucky boy believe in me.

9. What you expect from your life partner?

Answer: A girl who understand me and always be a motivator for me. Stands with me in every situation. 

10. What is your stress/anger management?

Answer: Listening to the music and dancing on the beat. No matter how poor the steps are.

My questions to my nominees are-

  1. Three facts about you.
  2. Where you see your-self in writing in next 5 years?
  3. Five places where you want to go in future around the globe.
  4. Choose one of them. a) tea or coffee. b) romantic or action movie.
  5. If you have got a magic stick what you ganna do with that?
  6. Your favorite place to feel lost.(The place where you enjoy your own company..
  7. Why is it you favorite?
  8. What quality you see in people before making friends?
  9. Your three favorite recepies.
  10. At least two qualities that you can predict about me after reading answers I gave above. 

I’ve to nominate a lots of people. As all are masters in their work but due to limitation of 10 I chose them. They also are amazing in their work Richa Pandey and Rekha Sahay.

My nominations are (Please do visit to their blogs)–
1. RhapsodyBoheme

2. rolisharma

3. pritu555

4. Madhusudan

5. Dire_diarist

6. bhavika24

7.  anishoza

8. incrediblewordsofkaneez

9. Undestined Pieces – Thinking Beyond

10. Fusion_Beats

Do write back.

Thankyou very much for your patience to read the above content.

Keep writing, keep smiling. Stay happy and blessed.🙏


16 thoughts on “The Blue Sky Tag Award

Add yours

  1. Hie. I told you i would give your answers so here they are :-
    1. Three facts about me:-
    A. I am not a feminist.
    B. I am an ambivert.
    C. I am a way too emotional person.
    2. I see myself writing short motivating articles in a better manner than what I do now.
    3. I would love to visit every part of India. I would love to visit Europe and London once.
    4. I would choose coffee and romantic movie. ( can’t bear action.)
    5. I would provide everybody with enough strength so that they can face the odds without giving up.
    6. Umm.. Near water bodies. Water heals my pain.
    7. Water is a cure to all wounds. That is why, I love such places.
    8. I don’t choose people to be my friends. Friendship happens with instant connections. I would love my friends to have a good sense of humor, positive vibes, humanity, and
    most importantly love in abundance.
    9. Three favorite recipes are :-
    Alfredo Pasta, Ras malai, Fruit cake.
    10. You are a natural writer. You don’t write artificially.
    And also, your posts are thought provoking. ☺️
    Thankyou so much for nominating me. I am truly thankful and honored. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, thank you for answering my questions. You are a wonderful person. And it good to know about the person you don’t know personally. Your answers are good and it don’t look like you are in hurry. Thanks for giving time to my questions.🙏😊


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