Prabhu and his friend Mr. Sanjay (Part-1)

#shortstory #sarcasm

Prabhu is sitting on his chair in balcony. It is evening of summer. Thinking about some important stuffs like, How can I raise GDP of India? What should be the next move of Arun Jaitley? Is Osama alive? Should I start a tea stall so that I can be the next PM of India? Like most of the graduates doing nowadays ( in simple words nothing). He is jobless.

Suddenly another thing distracted him. It is in a flat of next building. He jumps from his chair.

Prabhu(Shouted): Oh my Kejriwal!!(Yes, you guessed right he is from Delhi). Is that a UFO. Wait there are two, three no, a bunch of UFOs in Gupta Ji’s flat.

He removed his earphone. Their is lots of noise. Mr and Mrs Gupta is screaming. What is going on in their (prabhu is whispering). Prabhu called his Mother. She came.

Mummy: What is the matter now?

Prabhu: I haven’t done anything. Can you hear that screaming of Mr.& Mrs. Gupta! Look at those UFOs! It’s a alien attack. They’ll die. Should we call Police?

Mummy: Calm down! It’s not your matter. Go back to your room or find a job.

Prabhu: Ok, I’m choosing the first one.

His mother whispered. It is happening good. His iris got broader. What did she just say? He don’t get that point.

Now, he is laying on his bed after taking dinner. He is thinking about that incident all the time. What those UFOs means? Why Mr. & Mrs. Gupta screaming? Why didn’t Mummy help them from alien attack? Are they alive? (Yeah, you get it, “the graduates thing”).

So, finally he decided to call Mr. Sanjay. Ohh, I forget to tell you about Mr. Sanjay. He is the person from Mahabharat who have a supernatural power of “foresight”. He reported verbally each and every moment of The Battle ground of Mahabharat live to Mr. Dhritarashtra( the blind king) with the help of his magical foresight. 

To be continued….

In the next part. You’ll know, how Prabhu met to Mr. Sanjay? What is those UFOs means? And more interesting things. 


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