Awards, Q&A

Hey Fellows,

Hope you all are doing great and enjoyed your sunday. It feels great when your fellows appreciate your work and effort. And I’m honoured that my friends nominated me for blogging awards.

Liebster Blog Award

First of all thanks to Roli  she is a special teenage girl. She is quite best and a lovable girl. You can read poems, short stories and yes notes of her diary. She is amazing in her work.

Answers of your questions:
1.what is writing to you all? 

Answer: To me writing is all about conveying my thoughts and feelings into words. Sometimes when I read my things, I just grin or it reminds me old memories or I experienced the same feeling I gone through during writing.

2. Define yourself in one word? 

Answer: Weirdly nice person.

3. Give me something slang name. 

Answer: Rolu. Hope you’ll like it.😂😂

Lovely Blog Award

Thank you my friends Nathprasad Dhanawat & Astha Jain for nominating me for this award. Well Astha is an amazing poet. She writes in both english and Hindi. She is a amazing poet you should follow her and must check her blog once. Her poems are all about poems of life and love. And yes Nathprasad he is a cool dude. He is always ready to love. Check his blog and follow him. He is a nature lover and a amazing writer.

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you very much for this award Aquib  Insight. He is funny and make anyone laugh by his posts. His posts have humour. Please do visit and follow his blog.

They ask me for 7 things about my.

Answer: Well, it is too easy to observe someone then write about them. But to write about self is too difficult because most of person observe everyone except themselves. I’m one of those. I wish it would be a childhood essay.😂😂then it would be like I’m Gaurav. I’m a boy. My age is 21. I’ve 2 hands, 2 legs, one nose and a mouth etc & etc. You know, the external things. 

But as we grow up we understand the internal things. And I’ve grown up probably. So now, it should be like

Yes, I’m a human. I can breath oxygen. Drink H2O ( I know must be not diluted). I can eat. I can see. My hands and legs are working etc & etc. You know, the internal things. 

Haha sorry friends but you can understand my dilemma. Aah but with my best efforts I write these things–

1) I love listen to music. And during winter and rainy season I listen to bollywood and sufiayana songs only no english songs.

2) I love food and also not hate bitter guard.

3) I don’t talk too much even in my dreams.

4) I don’t react too much no matter what the situation is.

5) I love travelling specially in winter season.

6) I’m a silent observer. You know what freinds. It is the most common thing in all people. But most of us think it is not too common. Why we forget about aunties of our neighborhood. 

7) I’m always curious about new things and places. I love to find and explore new things and places. And I’m emotional too. 

Thank you very much for reading. Hoping for the best fellows. 😉


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  1. Congrats😇.., you did a nice job!! Btw, thankyou so much for the compliments, you know non of my known people have described me likewise, even I can’t!! So thankyou again for making me feel special😊

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