जिंदगी बहुत छोटी है मंजिल अभी दूर है पाना जरूर है रख हौसला बढा कदम  चाहे न हो कोई तेरे संग तू चल अपनी धुन में भुला कर सारी दुनियॉ मंजिल तेरी कदम चूमेगी झुकेगी सारी दुनियॉ |


Ek jindgi Ek hi dhang h Ek ptang h Dor bhi ek h Ek swal  Jwab bhi ek h Rup ek h Rang anek hain Spna ek h Trkib anek hain


​3D’s of success – 1)Dream 2)Desire  3)Determination 

Maithili New Year

Juir Sheetal in Mithila Region of Bihar in India and Nepal – Maithili New Year Juir Sheetal in Mithila is also known as Maithili New Year and is observed in Bihar (the Mithila region of India) and Nepal. It is annually observed on April 14 – in some instances of April 15. Vikram Samvant the…


If we choose happiness against every situation of life, then we would be the happiest among all

The Time

The time is never be good or bad, it’s you. Because the time is the only perfect thing in this world.

It’s my story

                           It’s my Story  Hey, It’s me. Well, What are you thinking for. Come on look inside of you, you know me very well. It’s I. Who always want to be free and independent, who want never ending smile and laugh, who love…

Girl you don’t go

Nothing is happen  U just go for a deeper sleep Will i  make u asleep It’s paining  Someone have to say something  That u couldn’t expecting  It’s paining  It takes all my rest  U r always best There isn’t any last It’s paining  So please waking up It is too much  For the sake of…

For you

Will we together  Forever  Whenever you’ll call me  You’ll find me near by you  Just close your eyes  Think about me Ask your heart  Once you try You’ll must cry About  What the way  You used to talk to me  Why you ignored  Insulted me But I’ll still hold you Like I want before  I’m…

The journey

Enjoy your journey of life, you don’t know how long it will. Love your friends and family, hate your enemy and follow your heart sayings.💓🌠


​Life is not about something certain. Perhaps, Who really cares

Balance sheet of Life

Whatever life gives us is our LIABILITY and what we have done for our life is our ASSETS, this is BALANCE SHEET of life never  will be equal.