Need some break

I Need some break from all these social media and blogging things.


जिससे दिल ने तुझे अपना माना था।

​डालें हाथों में हाथ  कहीं दूर चलें साथ साथ  करते हुए बातें मन को ये मनाते की न छोड़ेंगे तेरा साथ भुला कर सारे करम को  सारे भरम को  ना जाने किस रस्ते चल पड़े हैं बस मंजिल का पता है चल रहे हैं। ना जाने कैसी वो तन्हाई थी  जो मुझे तेरे पास ले... Continue Reading →

Awards, Q&A

Hey Fellows, Hope you all are doing great and enjoyed your sunday. It feels great when your fellows appreciate your work and effort. And I'm honoured that my friends nominated me for blogging awards. Liebster Blog Award First of all thanks to Roli  she is a special teenage girl. She is quite best and a lovable... Continue Reading →

Unique Blogger Award

Hey Fellows, Hope you all are doing great and in a fine sprit. We all write, post and share our feelings & things we discover. With the hope that people will see it and like what we discovered, what we created. It gives courage to write more when someone appreciate our creations and discoveries. Well,... Continue Reading →


Somethings look better distant, as we go closer to them then we ruined that beautiful sight. "The Mirage thing".

The Blue Sky Tag Award

I started blogging in the March with the thought that I would get feedback from those who are in the same pedestrian of mine. I leaved wordpress due to preparation of third year graduation exams. But I joined it again after exams. I'm still a kid in writing and I want to grow. I appreciate... Continue Reading →

आज तेरी याद आई है

आम दिन है, आम लोग और आम बातें चल रही हैं कर रहा हु बस स्टैंड पर बस का इंतज़ार  सब जैसे को तैसा है की अचानक कमबख्त ये मौसम दगा दे गया की अपना रुख बदला और ये रुख भी प्यार का था जनाब की एक मखमली सी हवा की लहर  मेरे चेहरे से... Continue Reading →

What To Do?

I don't know every one goes through such situation or not. But It's about a last chance given by a girl(Annu) to a boy(Prabhakar). Both used to be best friend. Both of them love each other. But Annu have to go as she were leaving the place for doing Architecture and he would be a... Continue Reading →

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